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8 June 2012

50s novelty

Probably fueled by the idea of making a circle skirt from my recently bought fruit pattered curtains, I've been looking at lots of 1950s full skirts and dresses on eBay and Etsy. I'm absolutely fascinated by the NOVELTY prints from that era.

 Now that's what I call a poodle skirt!

Both for sale here on Etsy.

 ∧  Bananas, pineapples, brown leaves and monkeys = want. 
If you do have a 25" waist you can buy it here on Etsy.

Sold for $200 here.

 ∧ Shakespeare themed fabric!
Snap up a bargain due to slightly yellow stained armpits here on Etsy!


∧ Possibly my favourite: various brands of tobacco ands smoking paraphernalia. 
Unfortunately already sold here.

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic skirts and dresses.... I have to loose a bit of weight for the pineapple dress but it might be worth it!
    Hope everything is good with you!!