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27 March 2012

London on a shoestring

I love a bargain. I'm a bargain hunter. And finding a bargain in London is like finding the ultimate bargain, the bargain of bargains! The Indian YMCA, where I was taken to the for a meal last Sunday, is such a treasure. At first I thought it was just a wacky name for an Indian restaurant, but no, it turned out to be a real Y! It has been in London since 1920, to provide Indian students "a safe have, a home away from home".

We paid £6 to a lady in the foyer for a meal ticket and made our way to the dining hall, where no frills and unassuming were the only words that sprang to mind to describe it. As it was a Sunday they had a set meal, with just one dish (with a vegetarian version as well) on offer. Plus chutney, plus pappadams, plus dessert. As much as you'd like! There were jugs of water on the tables, or you could get a soft drink from the vending machine. Or bring your own bottle of wine (no corkage!). They are open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and during the week you can choose from various kinds of curries and dhals, all for bargain prices (mango lassi for a quid, 2.65 for a chicken or fish curry, 1.25 for a dhal for example). 

YMCA Indian Student Hostel, 41 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6AQ (nearest Tube stations: Great Portland Street, Warren Street, Goodge Street).

13 March 2012

Cheerful and lighthearted

I've smelled it, it's not just here yet, but it's coming.. Spring! It makes me all merry and jolly and cheerful and lighthearted. And it makes me listen to music that is merry and jolly and cheerful and lighthearted.

Bristol based Frenchman. Definitely going to check out this guy and his Atlas Mountains live on May 9th!

Regina - Unessa. Sort of a  Finnish version of Stereolab (first part of the song) slash Blonde Redhead (latter half). Sort of.

 Hospitality - Friends of Friends. The video that reminds me a bit too much of Friends episode (blegh). Nice cheeful tune though!

7 March 2012


After a truly EPIC first edition, it is my pleasure to announce Pub Carpet Crawl #2!!!!

On Saturday March 31st we will set out for the area of Roath in Cardiff. The route looks promising, with pubs ranging from charming locals to 'interesting' dives... 

We'll meet up at 18.30 at the pub with the swankiest toilets in Wales (really a must-see, despite having no carpet!): The Ernest Willows on City Road. There's a bit more ground to cover this crawl, so please come early!

Find the Facebook event here.  Have a look at all the carpets I've collected so far on Flickr.