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18 November 2011

The big and bold and beautiful

It's here and I'm in it! Together 365 other artists, photographers, fashion-, product- and graphic designers, illustrators and architects... De Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2012. It's a big and bold and beautiful thing: A3 sized and nearly 3 kilo's

∧ My page! 

I'm happy and proud be featured alongside good  friends: Gees Voorhees

and people I went to school with: like David Elshout

and Pim Palsgraaf

and other people whose work I admire: like Koen Taselaar

and Rufus Ketting aka Homey Universalis ∨ 

 and true heroes: Co Westerik

Just to name a few! So €27.50 will get you 366 pieces of art, which I call a pretty good deal. Order it online here.

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  1. hey leuk, had hem nog niet gezien, groetjes uit brasilia, david